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Thriving businesses, regardless of their size, appreciate the critical importance of recruiting outstanding individuals. The process is delicate and demands the utmost of care, diligence and market expertise. To facilitate this process we undertake to:-


  • complete the search process within a specific time frame and liaise with client at agreed intervals.


  • meet with clients to discuss and analyse a specific position and determine the calibre of individual required. While every business is unique, the staff makeup and skillset is very often diverse.


  • utilise our market knowledge and extensive database/network of contacts to source matching candidates for specific roles.


  • Screen and vigorously scrutinise all candidates in terms of their character and professional experience. Our diligent search process involves careful analysis of a candidates' professional credentials and determines suitability.


  • Furnish you with relevant CV’s. We strictly adhere to the principle of “Quality Not Quantity”.


  • Ensure a candidates motives are positive in relation to a specific position.


  • Offer assistance with contract negotiations if required.


  • Liaise with clients post offer to ensure a smooth and steady transition.



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