Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome any queries you may have. The following are the more common ones received but this list is far from being exhaustive. If any questions you have are not on this list then please contact us at any stage and we will be able to deal with your specific enquiry. 


1. I have applied for jobs directly in the past but I’ve never dealt with an agency before. How does the recruitment process work?  We advise you to go to our Career Services page which gives you a thorough understanding of what we do for you. The recruitment consultant is a type of middleman between a law firm and an individual. We regularly liaise with client firms in relation to specific positions they have available and we search on their behalf for viable candidates. We may contact specific individuals already known to us or alternatively be contacted by someone new who is interested in a job opportunity we have listed. We will meet with that individual, discuss the particular position, discuss their career options and assist in CV preparation. If we believe that individual is suitable for the particular position and if that individual is keen on the job we will, with that individuals consent, furnish their CV to our client firm. At no stage does the individual deal directly with the firm in question. If the latter are interested in the CV, then an interview is set up. Interview preparation and advice is provided for the individual. The law firm may then make an offer to that individual. This will be relayed to the individual through the recruitment agent who will act as the intermediary between the parties in contract negotiations which more often than not are quite straightforward.


2. What makes Rogers Recruitment any different to other agencies? Are you not all the same? Firstly, we adhere to a set of core values which dictate our working relations with others. Secondly, it is true that recruitment agencies have similar objectives. Our ambition is to ensure that parties who deal with us are satisfied with the service they receive. This may appear prima facie quite simple but in many respects recruitment is a delicate and complex process, amplified even further when dealing with the intricacies of the legal market. It makes absolute sense to want to discuss your career options with a professional consultant, one who is not only highly experienced within the recruitment sector but is also a qualified Solicitor and therefore has a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the challenges you have faced in your career to date. Rogers Recruitment offers you this service. The additional advantage of being a boutique consultancy allows us to give you far greater time and personal attention thus enabling you to avail of a specialised and expert career consulting service.

3. Does any situation arise where I have to pay Rogers Recruitment for career advice and services? No. The service offered to candidates is free.

4. Can I contact Rogers Recruitment in relation to a query I have regarding my career or must I see a specific job advertised before doing so? We are delighted to be contacted by you and are equally happy to advise you as best we can in relation to your career options.

5. If I make an initial enquiry to Rogers Recruitment in relation to a specific job opportunity does it mean that I am obliged to pursue it? Not at all. You are under no obligation whatsoever to pursue an opportunity should you not wish to do so. We fully encourage individuals to contact us regarding opportunities and we deal with each enquiry on a case by case scenario. 

6. I am protective of my CV/Resumé and concerned that it may be sent to a firm without my consent. Your CV is your property. It is a highly important document in the recruitment process and is pivotal in determining the success of a candidate. We deal with you in the strictest of confidence and will only furnish your CV to a third party with your prior consent. Furthermore, we strongly encourage individuals to maintain a record of where and when they send their CV, whether directly to a firm or to an agency. Click here for more details regarding this matter.


7. I work in a specialised area of the legal market. I’m interested in a particular position but it’s with a firm we deal with quite regularly. I’m wary of my CV going there as I don’t want my current employers to find out that I am considering a move. Of course the process of applying for a new job can be a delicate one but, this is where our recruitment expertise is called into action. Because we deal on your behalf with the law firm, we are in a position to make sure the application process is dealt with in a strictly discreet fashion. This is one of the obvious benefits of dealing with us. If you are reluctant to apply for a position due to this reason then contact us and we will explain in more detail how this obstacle can be easily overcome.

8. If I register my CV with Rogers Recruitment does it mean I’m restricted from applying to other agencies or directly to a law firm? Not at all. However, in the case of there being a specific job opportunity within a particular firm it is imperative that this firm receive an individuals CV from only one source. For this reason it is advisable to limit the amount of agencies you contact.

9. I haven't looked at my CV in years! I really don't know where to start in relation to preparing or updating it. We are experts in the area of legal recruitment and one of our key strengths is our ability to quickly identify a top class CV. On top of this, we know what specific clients are looking for from a CV. This is one of the main reasons why individuals contact us when considering their career options.  It goes without saying that your CV must be relevant to the opportunity in question. Every CV is different and we cannot overstate its importance. It is rare we come across a CV which cannot be improved and even the slightest tweaking of a CV can make a significant difference! We offer personal assistance in this regard and urge individuals to contact us regarding same.

10. How long does the recruitment process take? The duration of the process is influenced by a number of factors. It strongly depends on how quickly the law firm and more specifically the 'Hiring Partner' wish to move. Once they receive a CV that appeals to them an interview is set up. Some firms will hire after one interview but it is much more common for there to be two to three rounds of interviews which are usually conducted over a number of weeks. The recruitment consultant can also influence the pace of the process. This key skill can only be obtained with industry experience and maintaining the correct pace can have a major bearing in determining the overall success of the process. 



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